I’m back!

I offer my apologies for not having classes with you this week. The reason is that I was really sick and I could not attend any classes under those circumstances. I am really sorry but next week we are going to catch up! J

I need you to do two things for next Wednesday:

1st task: Bring all the material we need to check if everything is ready for Friday 13th. On Friday 13th we will have our first English Day rehearsal and all the school is going to do it as well with us.

2nd task: You’ll need to read the following article and write an informal letter. Letter must be at least 150 words.

Topics are:

  • Inviting a friend
  • Advising a friend about a holiday
  • Apologizing to a friend

Here you have a sample letter:

Sample letter

As you can see it has 6 main points:

1)      Address

2)      Date

3)      Opening

4)      Text / Body / Content

5)      Closing / End

6)      Signature

In this article you will find a deeper explanation of the structure and here help on how to write it, you need to read both. We’ll check this letter in class. Do bring you letter done on Wednesday it is going to be graded.

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