Present Progressive

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Simple Past


The Simple Past is used to talk about actions or situations in the past. It is also called Past Simple.

Have a look at the following examples:

1) action finished in the past (single or repeated)

I visited Berlin last week.
Andrew watched TV yesterday.

2) series of completed actions in the past

First I got up, then I had breakfast.

3) together with the Past Progressive/Continuous – The Simple Past interrupted an action which was in progress in the past.

They were playing cards when the telephone rang.
1st action: Past Progressive were playing
2nd action: Simple Past rang

Information taken from:


Affirmative Negative Interrogative
I drew my life I did not/didn’t draw my life Did I draw my life?
She said her idea She did not/didn’t say her idea Did she say her idea?

Please check this Prezi presentation to understand this topic a little bit better 🙂


Before going over thousands of exercises about this structure I will recommend you to learn the verbs and its pronunciation, to do that here you have these links:

Learn verbs in simple past: This is the list you need to study and here you have exercises 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (All irregular verbs)

After those exercises I would recommend you to practise with the structure itself

Chicago’s exercise

Oxford’s exercise

Mixed Exercise in Simple Past

Test: Simple Past: Level 1Level 2Level 3



2º period – Contents

This period starts on April 24th and it finishes on June 21th

We will have three terms along the semester:

  • First term: Friday, May 10th
  • Second term: Friday, May 31st
  • Third term: Friday, June 21th


  • Simple Past (20 verbs)
  • Present Progressive
  • Contrast between present progressive and simple present
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Zero conditional
  • Modals
  • Most/Some/ A few
  • Phrasal Verbs (20 verbs)

This period I will be extra strict with protocols, dictionaries, notebooks and folders.

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40 verbs

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Here you have the list of 40 verbs. Do you remember that I told you that we will have 5 verbs each class?  Yeap! we will have 5 verbs each class.

In class we are going to write down the verbs and at home we will look up for its english definition, are you guys confused? Here you have two examples:


Infinitive Simple Present Simple Past Definition
To be Am / Is / Are Was / Were To exist / To occur, to take place / having the state, quality, identity, nature, role, etc.,
To do Do Did To perform an action or job / To make or prepare something

If you need more english – english dictionaries go check Favorite Online Dictionaries page


1. See – Saw
2. Come – Came
3. Take – Took
4. Go – Went
5. (I don’t remember the other one we wrote) I’m sorry guys. Please leave me a comment with the missing verb

6. Bring – Brought
7. Buy – Bought
8. Think – Thought
9. Teach – Taught
10. Understand – Understood

11. Sleep -Slept
12. Keep -Kept
13. Lend -Lent
14. Feel -Felt
15. Leave -Left

16. Write – Wrote

17.Wear – Wore

18. Stand – Stood

19.  Speak – Spoke

20.  Sell – Sold


21. Begin – Began

22.  Drink – Drank

23. Drive – Drove

24.  Hear – Heard

25.  Run – Ran


26.  Sit – Sat

27.  Tell – Told

28.  Swim – Swam

29. Sing . Sang

30.  Know – Knew

31.  Give – Gave

32. Get – Got

33.  Leave – Left

34.  Fly – Flew

35. Find – Found