Cultural Differences – Homework

I will give you two options, you need to choose only one per group.

1st group: Santiago García, Camilo Obeso and Matheo Galeano

2nd group: Nicolás Moreno and Oscar Dominguez

3rd group: Daniel Pulido, Leonardo Tamayo and Juan Pablo Zuluaga

4th group: Juan Zakzuk, Esteban Ospina and Diego Tovar

5th group: Laura Hernández, Diego Sanchez and Santiago Guzman.

You are going to make a comparison between our culture and UK (or European) culture. Then, you are going to share your ideas or thoughts in class. You need to talk at least 5 minutes per group. Also you need to bring vocabulary related to your topic (10 new words)

Remember you need to be prepared for Wednesday 12th. I won’t accept any excuses guys. This is going to be graded! 😉

Present Progressive

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