Speaking Tools

For this speaking exercise you will have more options to publish your work.

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How to add sound to your prezi Read Here

To the ones that did not post the speaking exercise yesterday. You have today and tomorrow to do it and it will be graded over 7 points.

2nd Mini Process – Closure


Be prepared for Friday. The ones that missed my class today have to complete the posters activity.

Posters activity: You have to pick up two different phrasal verbs each poster must have one phrasal verb with its definition, two examples using that phrasal verb and a drawing. You have to hang the poster in your classroom. Don’t forget to write your name down and our level. 🙂

False Friends (Spanish – English list)

False Friends Do you remember that I told you about false friends? False friends: Words that look familiar to us and we think we know its meaning but it is not that way. Those words have a different meaning and we may be using the wrong word to express our ideas. Here you have a list that could help you with false friends in Spanish – English. I borrow this image from Cork English-Teacher