Clines in language teaching

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What is a cline?
The British Council Teaching English website defines a cline as ‘a scale of language items that goes from one extreme to another, for example, from positive to negative, or from weak to strong’.

Why are clines useful in language teaching?
Clines can be very effective in conveying and clarifying language, giving a very visual representation of meaning. They highlight shades of meaning, they are efficient and can cut down on teacher talking time. They also provide students with a good record of language to take home.

What language points lend themselves well to use of clines?
Clines are very versatile and can be used for vocabulary or grammar.
Some examples I have used follow:




Expressing likes and dislikes


E.g. Degrees of hunger

This could work equally well with other feelings such as anger, happiness, tiredness, or even drunkenness!


Modals of deduction



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2nd Mini Process – Closure


Be prepared for Friday. The ones that missed my class today have to complete the posters activity.

Posters activity: You have to pick up two different phrasal verbs each poster must have one phrasal verb with its definition, two examples using that phrasal verb and a drawing. You have to hang the poster in your classroom. Don’t forget to write your name down and our level. 🙂

Congratulations to:

These students got a A as a finale grade in this first period, however I would like you to work harder and give everything you’ve got in this semester 🙂

Laura Daniela
Daniel Esteban
Santiago Garcia
Juan Pablo

I also want to say to the others that I believe in you and that I know you can achieve better things (like improving your English level, I think that’s beter than any S)

Friday’s text!!! Please read!!!!!

This is the text that we are going to work on Friday. So please read it and look up the unknown vocabulary, bold words are a must!

3.2.   Read the following text about Women’s Right carefully. Look up for unknown words in the dictionary, underlined words are a must but you can add more words if you want. Write this vocabulary and its meaning in your notebook. 
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